Links we like - Jan 2020

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Our software architects attended AWS re:Invent. There were a lot of great sessions out there but there were a few that really stood out to us that we’d like to share with you

NOTE: You can find all the videos from AWS re:Invent on the AWS Events YouTube Channel

Atlassian’s journey to cloud-native architecture

Sri Viswanath (CTO @ Atlassian) and Mike Tria (Head of Platform @ Atlassian) share Atlassian’s journey to cloud-native, migrating 100,000 instances into a new multi-tenanted architecture. Watch it on YouTube

Nathan: Inspiring talk that gave insight into the challenges, pitfalls and successes of migrating legacy architecture into a Cloud Native world.

Innovation at speed

Adrian Cockcroft (VP, Cloud Architecture Strategy @ AWS) talks about how blockers to innovation (for example, culture, skills & process) can stand in the way of business agility. Watch it on YouTube

Nathan: Delivering value is critical for any business and learning how AWS have tackled some of the blockers for innovation and providing value is very insightful.

Deep dive into Amazon Athena

Janak Agarwal (Product Manager, Athena @ AWS) and Anthony Virtuoso (Principal Engineer, Athena @ AWS) share some of the new features in Athena. Watch it on YouTube

Brian: I’m excited by federated queries. Database/storage should be chosen to meet the need of the data (& not the other way round - one size doesn’t always fit all!). Federated queries looks to provide a clean way to join these disparate (but often related data sources) without the need for a new, stand-alone data lake.

Modernizing pharmaceutical manufacturing with IoT and AI/ML

Patrick Buckner (Business Development Manager @ AWS) and Roland Smith (Snr Director, Digital GxP Systems @ Moderna) share how they were able to build a GMP compliant manufacturing facility leveraging AWS cloud technologies such as IoT. Watch it on YouTube

Brian: It’s fascinating to see what people are able to do with this kind of tech, even when working in such heavily regulated environments.