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IDBS and the Log4j2 Vulnerability

4 minute read

Some people see December as the month that brings lots of gifts, but in 2021 it included several that no one wanted, including a critical security vulnerabil...

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Continuous Integration @ IDBS

3 minute read

Originally this was to be a quick post highlighting that IDBS engineering is moving to trunk-based development, but it occurred to me, as a new member of the...

Container Competition

13 minute read

Last year, Nathan invited us to take part in a little internal competition. The idea was to get people to play with Docker in a way that they might not other...

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Tips for remote meetings

8 minute read

Thanks to Covid, my days are mainly spent on video calls & screen shares. It’s not just me of course, everyone’s doing it - even my daughter has online l...

Managing multiple Kubernetes clusters

5 minute read

Working with multiple Kubernetes (K8s) clusters has become commonplace, thanks to the availability of managed clusters by every major cloud provider and adva...

Links we like - Jan 2020

1 minute read

Our software architects attended AWS re:Invent. There were a lot of great sessions out there but there were a few that really stood out to us that we’d like ...

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Auto Expiration Of Transient Images

2 minute read

If you use a repository to store Dockerfile images that can be regarded as transient, e.g. branch integration tests, then you can tag those Docker im...

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Keynote - Cloud Security Summit

less than 1 minute read

Wes Childs was invited to present a keynote at the 2017 Cloud Security Summit, London. This talk covers our journey to the cloud and you can watch it here: ...

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